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Kolosek IT is a Europe, Serbia-based company. We design and develop clean, simple to use but powerful web, social and mobile applications.

Ruby on Rails professionals connecting with people who - like us - believe change is good.

Rich portfolio

We have built everything from Social network, mobile applications and various services. To make it all happen, we work closely with some of the best designers on the market.

Relax, it's all tested

We do our testing. Application is not pushed to production until we can fully guarantee it. Using best technology of Rspec, Cucumber, Shoulda, Factory girl etc.

Budget effective

We know your budget is important to you. Our business is budget effective - building quality software in less time. If you are a startup, we can talk more regarding your budget and find flexible solutions.


Only part of our project that we worked on.


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Serbia, Central Europe

Web: kolosek.com