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Kolosek is an open source software company. This means that those services we don’t offer within the company, we develop and share openly.

Why do we invest so much time in open source programming?

Because it benefits the community, as well as our team. On the one hand, we get to practice our skills and develop something we need, and on the other, we have a chance to contribute to the community. Also, we use open source projects and in most cases, we try to improve their current versions and give back to both contributors and the community.

Finance Math Gem

Technologies:Ruby, Ruby/Rspec Maintainability grade: A

Implementation of Loan/Mortgage functions in Ruby language, APR function and PMT function. In calculations, it includes implementation of bank fee, marketplace fee, fees for each payment, in order to provide the most precise calculation at very high speed. The gem has more than 47000+ downloads..

Some of the companies that use Finance Math:

FinanceMath - Open Source Software
FinanceMath - Open Source Software

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Chat API

API built in Phoenix and Elixir to represent best practices in this awesome framework. You can check out DB relations, Tests, Models, controllers and all other essential elements of the API.

You can find the API documentation as well.

Chat API

SpliceMachine Rails/JRuby adapter

Splice Adapter
Splice Engine

Splice Machine is a SQL Engine that powers big data applications using industry standard SQL on a scale-out architecture so you can focus on the business logic.

Applications cannot wait for MapReduce to crawl through big data. They need to produce results in the moment, and they need to do that consistently, regardless of data growth and exploding usage. The success is featured in Techcrunch magazine.

There is also a great exmple app.

Achivements: 400+ requests/s on single resource using JRuby.

SpliceMachine App - Open Source Development